06 April 2018

EURIS comments on Exiting the European Union Committee’s Future UK-EU relationship report


The EURIS Task Force has noted with interest the publication this week of the Exiting the European Union Committee’s third report on its overarching inquiry into the Article 50 negotiations.  Of particular interest to EURIS members are the 15 key tests by which the Committee says any deal agreed by October 2018 must be judged.

 Commenting on the report, Steve Brambley, EURIS Vice-Chair, said, “A number of the Select Committee’s 15 tests for Brexit success are hugely relevant to product manufacturers represented by the EURIS Taskforce. We welcome the Select Committee’s interest in this area and support in particular the call for continued membership of key European agencies (such as Standards Bodies), for no additional border or rules of origin checks that would impede the operation of cross-border supply chains and the call for continued convergence with EU regulations in order to maximise access to European markets”.

 Mr Brambley added, “EURIS believes the best way forward to deliver a successful Brexit for the industrial product supply sector is the creation of a post-Brexit Industry and Government liaison body with the specific remit of confirming and recommending for adoption, or mutual recognition, aspects of future European legislation that specifically impact on the industrial product supply sector. This would facilitate access to European markets and the vast array of global markets that also look for compliance with European legislation and standards as the basis for trade”.