07 November 2017

EURIS launches Six Principles of Success for the Growth of UK Industry after Brexit


The EURIS Taskforce today launches the Six Principles of Success which are essential to the growth and expansion of the product suppliers industry and the competitiveness of UK manufacturers after Brexit.

Speaking ahead of the launch, EURIS Chairman Dr Howard Porter said, “EURIS is determined to ensure that manufacturers and suppliers in the UK are able to realise new growth potential through the Brexit process.  In order to achieve this, we have developed the following six principles which will help to provide certainty in relation to regulations and standards – enabling UK manufacturers to continue to trade, innovate and grow.

Steve Brambley, EURIS Vice-Chairman added “EURIS is calling on the UK Government to acknowledge these principles and ensure they are an integral part of the ongoing negotiations with the EU”.

The Six EURIS Principles are:

  1. EU-UK Regulatory Alignment: EURIS is proposing a new industry-Government plan to develop the right policies and approaches to ensure no regulatory divergence for product regulations.
  2. Five-year Transition Period: EURIS believes an extended five-year period from 2019 would allow industry to keep existing EU customers and give manufacturers time to develop new relationships and solutions.
  3. UK Market Surveillance Operations: EURIS is calling for the maintenance and enhancement of existing UK market surveillance and enforcement operations, in co-operation with the EU, to eliminate unsafe and non-compliant products from the market.
  4. Frictionless Borders: EURIS believes the UK should remain in the Customs Union unless an agreement can be reached that does not represent significant tariffs, additional direct costs, lost trade or delays and will not add border controls between Ireland and Northern Ireland.
  5. Trade Negotiations Prioritised: Negotiating new trading arrangements between the UK and the EU is an exceptional challenge and EURIS believes negotiations on trade must be prioritised and start as soon as possible.
  6. Access to Skilled Labour: EURIS is calling for the continuation of the current rights of EU nationals in the UK and an immigration system that does not deter talent from the EU coming to the UK.