07 November 2019

EURIS reiterates the Principles of Success for the industrial product supply sector post Brexit



The EURIS Taskforce, a body of trade organisations representing UK manufacturing worth £148 billion in turnover and with 1.1 million employees, has today written to the policy advisers of all the main political parties to highlight the damage a no-deal Brexit would inflict on UK industry, and to reiterate EURIS industries priorities post BREXIT.

Dr Howard Porter, EURIS Chair said: “It is our view, supported by research carried out for our recent report, ‘Securing a competitive UK manufacturing industry post Brexit’, that a no-deal Brexit would cause severe damage to UK industry and risk huge job losses as the impact on trade would be too hard to bear for many companies. Of particular concern are the potential costs of regulatory compliance and administration placed on exporters and importers in the UK under a no-deal.”

He added, “In our correspondence with all the main political parties, we have also taken the opportunity to reiterate, EURIS’ Six Principles for a successful post BREXIT manufacturing industry. These principles have been consistent over the last 3 years and EURIS believes that they should be the basis of the future relationship with the EU.”