14 September 2017

EURIS gives full backing to the APPG EU report on the Customs Union


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Today the APPG on EU Relations issued an excellent and well researched report on the need for the UK to remain a full member of the EU Customs Union post BREXIT. The paper estimates withdrawal from the Customs Union to have a potential £25 billion hit to the economy, a figure that EURIS industry data suggests is conservative. EURIS represents over 3500 manufacturing companies in the UK, and has recently published its conclusions to the Government’s Customs suggestions. EURIS is calling for the retention of full access to EU markets via continued membership of the customs union post BREXIT. Any other outcome would impose considerable costs and extra burdens on virtually all member companies as all either import, or export products and components with the EU.

All political parties should work together to ensure that UK industry can thrive in a post BREXIT environment and not have extra barriers put in its way. Taking forward the recommendations in the APPG report would go a long way to achieve this aim.