30 September 2017

EURIS reminds Government of the need for a 5 year interim period for product regulation

UK Government


Following the Prime Minister’s recent speech in Florence, the EURIS Task Force, an advisory body representing industrial product suppliers, welcomes the announcement of extra flexibility and time for manufacturers to adjust to life outside the EU, but reiterates its call for a 5 year implementation period for technical regulations.

EURIS believes that a 5 year transition period for the full implementation of Brexit is necessary to minimise economic disruption to UK manufacturing companies as they adjust to life outside the EU. This extended period beyond March 2019, would allow industry to develop new relationships and solutions with respect to the comprehensive and complex nature of European legislation and related standards.

EURIS Chairman Dr Howard Porter said “It is EURIS’ view that different industries need different transition periods to reflect the depth of their relationship with the EU. We firmly believe that the complex and ingrained nature of technical regulations for industrial product suppliers requires a 5 year implementation period and without this, the UK risks a situation where failure to reach an agreement could result in barriers to trade for UK companies that import from or export to the EU.

Dr Porter added, “EURIS understands that a 5 year transition period would need to be agreed as part of the negotiations and would like to see the Prime Minister acknowledging the need for such a transition by including it in her Brexit strategy”.


Notes to Editors

The EURIS Taskforce is an advisory body representing industrial product suppliers covered by the Single Market and the supporting regulations and standards.

Members include industry trade associations BEAMA, GAMBICA, EAMA, REA, CESA, FETA, MTA and TechWorks, who between them represent over 3500 companies across electrotechncial, electronics, renewables and mechanical engineering products.

For further information about EURIS please contact Harriet Dyball on harriet@euristaskforce.org or visit www.euristaskforce.org